Ingrid Middleton

I treat every individual as a whole and unique person, capable of becoming their best selves. I believe that kindness and compassion are the basis of therapeutic treatment and I always give my clients the kind of care that builds openness, safety and trust. I deeply care for my clients and their wellness.

I work with adults and children, individuals, couples and families. I work with people who are struggling with complex life decisions, relationship stressors, sadness, trauma, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I help individuals through transitions and help them to make sense of their world again. My primary goal is to bring clarity to what is most important in life and to help individuals to connect to their internal strength and the skills and tools within themselves to create a better life.

Through my education, extensive trainings and 15 years of experience, I have a passion to understand individuals at their deepest levels. I understand that healing doesn’t happen “in a box”, and that our wellbeing is affected by our current and childhood experiences. I wrote a book called The Secret of Healing by Touch, which combines my passions for deep connection with our inner and outer worlds.

Using a combination of insight-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and humanistic techniques, my goal is to customize therapy sessions to meet each patient’s unique needs.
I acquired a German shepherd, named Buddha. After raising him from the age of eight weeks, I’ve come to believe that animals are keys to understanding patience, feeling joy and unconditional love. I also conduct emotional support animal consultations and provide these services as needed.

I have a Masters in social work with Cross-emphasis in family therapy and cultural medicine from Washington University. Ingrid works out of our Old Town Alexandria office.