Cancelation Policy

Cancelation policy- 4 reasons

  1. Patients who come consistently improve the most, and typically the course of therapy begins with weekly sessions, then goes to every other week (EOW), monthly and then a termination session after goals have been achieved.  You and your therapist are making a time commitment to your care and taking responsibility to consistently attend.  The best metaphor is you are the driver, and we are you GPS so you determine how fast or slow we get to the destination using the parameters above.
  2. At times you may have a difficult session, so we want you to come back in and share with us what made it difficult so we can do our jobs to help you process your response (transference or countertransference).  If you just don’t show or call, you will be charged the full session rate that your signed consent allows for with the credit card you provided (ranges from $135-$200 depending on provider and insurance can NOT be billed for this missed time).
  3. We run a business, and as such, we need to account for our limited hours.  Every provider is paid through providing hourly therapy, and then billed either to insurance or privately.  This makes up their income.  If you are unable to make your session, the more time you give us to manage our schedule, the better we can get other patients seen who are in need. 
  4. At times patients are in crisis, so the more time you give us to get others in, the better.   

Fees are as follow: We require 2 business days (two, not weekends) for cancelations because it’s very difficult to get someone seen last minute.  If more than 2 business days, there is no charge.  If there are frequent cancelations, this becomes a therapeutic issue since we are unable to provide consistent care and you may lose the timeslot that both have agreed to.  From 2 days to 1 day, the fee is $100, and from 1 day to time of session, it will be the full fee depending on provider, with doctoral level providers more expensive (range $135-$200).  This fee is charged directly to your credit card on file. 

We will out of caring and courtesy, contact you to find out why you are not at the session, and unless we hear from you, typically after 15 minutes, you will be assessed the no-show fee.  If you contact us to cancel, and we are able to reschedule you within the next few days on our limited openings, we will not charge you (unless you cancel the next session, in which case because you have taken 2 hours that we are unable to use, we would charge you full fee).  Additionally, if we are able to replace someone in that time slot for your cancelation, we will not charge you.  The practice has found this cancelation policy both fair and flexible.  If you are very ill, typically the cancel fee would be waived but you need to contact us as soon as possible and it is up to the discretion of the provider. 

This policy has helped us provide excellent, consistent care and we appreciate your understanding and agreement to work with us and accept the terms of treatment. 

Thank you,

Dr. Goldberg & Associates