6300 Stevenson Ave, Sentinel Building, Suite B, Alexandria VA 22304

Our largest office location with the capacity for the most new patients is in Alexandria, located on Stevenson Ave.

Ms. Amanda Long, LCSW and Clinical Director (Option 91)

Ms. Lindsay Mogard, LCSW (Option 22), Tuesday 8am-12pm, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm-9pm

Ms. Sarah Duffy, Monday and Tuesday

Ms. Camilla Hendren, LCSW (Option 3), Monday and Tuesday 1pm-9pm

Ms. Armaria Fleming, LCSW (Option 4), Monday – Thursday 11am-7pm

Ms. Khalida Jahed, Wednesday, Thursday nights and Sundays

Ms. Hyung Sook Kim, LPC (Option 5), Tuesdays 6pm-9pm

Ms. Serita Lee, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday nights

Ms. Courtney Patti, LICSW (Option 94), Every other Monday, every other Saturday

Ms. Linda Kline-Lau, LPC (Option 95), Tuesday 12-8pm, Wednesday 11-8pm

Mr. Sean Graham, LCSW (Option 96), Thursday 6pm-9pm

Ms. Debbie Triviso, LCSW (Option 98), Wednesday and Friday 9am-2pm

Mr. Makoto Tanaka, LCSW (Option 99), Wednesday & Friday 5pm-8pm and Sunday 8am-3pm

Dr. Vienna Nightingale, Ph.D (Option 27), Saturday 9-5pm

Dr. Tatyana Cottle, Ph.D., LPC (Option 59) Monday 5-8pm.

Please call us at 703-935-0058 extension 6 (M-Fri 8am-6pm) to discuss your needs and openings to schedule. Get directions.