Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of health care appointments create many problems with continuity of care. Outside of inconsistent therapeutic care, lapses in treatment also affect new patients seeking treatment. Late cancellations or no-shows lead to major difficulties in scheduling and the provision of care.  Because of these difficulties and the verbal contract established with your therapist along with signed consent to set aside a therapeutic hour per week for treatment, the following charges are set aside to address these difficulties in a cancellation policy.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled, a minimum of two (2) business days (Saturday/Sunday is NOT a business day) is needed to cancel the appointment without charge. If the appointment is cancelled without the minimum time frame, a $100 (hundred dollar) charge will be assessed to the patient. If your appointment time is filled with another patient, no charge will be assessed for the cancellation. Therefore, the more time given for a cancellation, the greater the likelihood that a cancellation charge can be avoided. All efforts will be made to fill the cancelled time slot but no guarantee can be given.

For patients who cancel on the day of the appointment, the full session charge will be charged to the credit card on file unless the appointment can be filled as stated above (charge varies from $185-$350 depending on practitioner). For patients WHO DO NOT CALL TO CANCEL, you will be assessed the current full hourly psychotherapy charge for the lost session time (charge varies from $185-$400 depending on practitioner and therapy vs assessment). Charges for cancellations are directly billed to the credit card left on file unless otherwise notified and processed typically after your missed appointment time. Please contact us on 703-935-0058 or 703-550-4848 and leave a message if unable to reach your provider.  Please make sure you receive a confirmation callback regarding the cancellation.  Cancellation charges for testing cases are slightly higher due to blocking out 4 hours of time so please contact us if there are any difficulties attending those sessions, as those hours typically cannot be filled by other patients.

If patients arrive more than 15 minutes late, it will be under the provider's discretion if the patient can be seen due to time constraints.  The appointment will be considered as a "no show" and the associated fee will be charged.

All of the above cancellation charges are the responsibility of the patient and cannot be billed to the insurance companies. By agreeing to treatment with Dr. Goldberg & Associates, you are agreeing to the above stated policy as signed and consented during your initial visit. In advance, we thank you for your consideration regarding the above policy and we look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent quality care.