Service For Business

INTERESTED IN IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE DELIVERY?  Dr. Goldberg can help. Using the NEW ICE SYSTEM (Improve Customer Experience). We will evaluate your entire customer delivery system and walk through a direct purchase and provide not only feedback but ways to improve the customer experience, strengthen loyalty, and improvise.  We focus on listening to your difficulties and explore creative solutions. By hiring us, we actually walk through a purchase, from beginning to middle to end, and determine the issues present and offer solutions. This includes a thorough interview with the business management to get a better understanding of the business and its challenges, and then we “secretly” walk through a purchase! Contact us directly at 703-935-0058 and select Option 1 to speak directly to Dr. Goldberg (afternoons are the best time to reach him).

Dr.Goldberg provides the following additional services:

  • On site grief counseling
  • Job Coaching
  • Customer service
  • Advocacy
  • Television and Motion Picture Consultation
  • Expert Testimony

Job Coaching
Coaching, Life Skills Training, or the term Executive Coaching all focus on improvements one can make toward achieving lifelong goals and career objectives. Let Dr. Goldberg help you achieve your full potential by showing you your blind spots and improving your interpersonal awareness. Gain the confidence you need to succeed. Through his training and successes with other professionals, Dr. Goldberg uses his background in business and psychology to explore past patterns that impede progress and advancement, and set you on a new path to success. Using both interpersonal feedback and an exploration of past events and experiences, this combined approach focuses on achieving tangible goals while addressing unresolved psychological issues. This is done with a personalized approach that combines psychotherapy with confidence building to get to your destination. Prevent personal limitations from getting in your way.  Rates begin at $175 per session.

Customer Service
Dr. Goldberg is available as a consultant to improve your customer service delivery. Experienced in the elements of customer satisfaction, he can
evaluate, monitor, train, and implement improved customer service solutions. For companies big or small, give Dr. Goldberg a call at 703-550-4848 to discuss some ways he can improve your business.

The following businesses Dr. Goldberg recommends without reservation for their high quality customer service:

LL Bean


Westin Hotels

David Intercontinental Hotels

Capital One

Advocacy can be applied in two forms. This includes educational advocacy and medical advocacy. With educational advocacy, Dr. Goldberg works on you and your child’s behalf to advocate for educational services the child needs and deserves through their school. This includes advising and assisting in the IEP process, Learning Disability determinations, and consulting on additional accommodations your school has to provide under Federal Law. Additionally, Dr. Noel can help you and your family navigate the sometimes confusing terrain of an educational bureaucracy and assist with interactions among administrators. In addition to Dr. Goldberg’s Masters degree in Educational Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, he has worked within school districts and has a strong experience base in psychoeducational assessment.

Medical advocacy takes place when a family member you love is sick and you need someone to advocate and check up on the medical care the patient is receiving. This includes making sure the medical staff is doing what they are supposed to be doing. All too often patients in hospitals do not receive the care they deserve and sometimes their medical care is left to inexperienced Interns or Residents. Knowing what to say and how to say it could make all the difference in how your loved one is treated and for assurance that they receive the medical care they need. Navigating this terrain can be very complicated and families are helped by professionals with experience in Medical Centers. Dr. Goldberg has been educated in a medical setting and trained in Medical Centers and continues to work with a multidisciplinary team in a Medical Center. This experience is very useful when communicating about medical care and making medical decisions.  Dr. Goldberg is available to assist, on a case by case basis, with your family in the care of your loved one.

The doctor is in!

Television and Motion Picture Consultation
Dr. Goldberg is an avid movie connoisseur and has attended training to identify and characterize realistic depictions of psychologically relevant character traits. He has consulted in the past with producers to make the production seem more psychologically relevant, real, and believable and is available for consultation. Current consultation fees start at $300 per hour plus travel expenses. For longer term productions, advance notice is required. In addition, Dr. Goldberg has a vast knowledge of popular music to assist in matching and choosing the most relevant song(s) for the movie topic or theme needed.

Expert Testimony
For use during litigation, Dr. Goldberg is available to provide his expert opinion on your legal matters when contacted by your attorney.  His experience in the Veteran Affairs Medical Center, along with Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir can help with PTSD, Substance abuse, Anxiety and Depression cases. Additionally, his lengthy experience in diagnosis and assessment (10,000 patients & counting) and work on disability examinations can be utilized to address treatment or diagnostic issues.   Please contact Dr. Goldberg at 703-935-0058×1 to discuss procedures, rates including travel time and expenses, minimum time requirements, and case specifics.


Want special access and 24/7 availability? Please contact us to discuss our premier concierge services for more direct access to mental health care.  This is a separate monthly subscription contract for various terms (3 month, 6 month, 1 year) that can set your mind at ease if you are needing prompt access to your mental health provider. Contact Dr. Goldberg to inquire and discuss at 703-935-0058×1.