Standing Against Racial Injustice

As a diverse therapeutic practice, we treat people of all races, colors and creeds.  We recognize the distinct differences between all, honoring our patients’ unique backgrounds, cultural circumstances and heritage.  We also welcome providers who not only have varying cultures, but to date, about 10 different languages which include Spanish, Korean,  Arabic, HindiUrduPashto, Punjabi, Farsi, Russian, and Japanese.

It’s for this reason that we stand behind the Black Lives Matter movement. We believe we must demand better of ourselves and of our society. Empathy, compassion and care are perhaps the most important qualities we can nurture within ourselves and others. We must shine the light of these virtues into the darkness of racism and intolerance that threaten to tear our communities apart.

But acknowledging inequity and injustice is not enough. We must do more. We must participate and be part of change. Each of us individually, and collectively as a society. As therapists, we commit to doing our part.  We commit to listening more intently. We commit to celebrating your uniqueness regardless of race and empowering you.  No matter where you’re from, what you look like or what you believe, we’ll be here for you.